FURIN-a wind bell

A wind-bell is called  Furin in Japan.

I love the sound of Furin very much.

In every summer ,I use it to enjoy the sound.

Off course I have many kinds of Furin.( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Most of  Furin is made of metal or porcelain or grass.

I think  light clear metallic sound is the best!!

Please listen Nanbu-tekki sound.↓↓so deep relax sound…

glass-Furin sound is here↓↓It sounds dry…but looks so beautiful and cute!!

porcelain one↓↓clear and light sound.

My favorite Furin is just like this↓↓3bell-type of Nambu-tekki.very soft sound,never be noisy.

it is often hung on the eaves  of a house,but I hung it on a laundry pole of veranda.

it’s not looking good but sounds so nice!

Perhaps you wonder how it makes their sounds ?

A piece of paper underneath catches the breeze and makes the bell tinkle kindly 1/f noise.


Furin bringing on a feeling of coolness in the hot Japanese summer.

But in these days,sometimes the sound cause a trouble.

when you use it at your apartment,you have to be careful to hung Furin.

On windy day or night,too much bell tinkle makes big sounds without a pause.

So the sounds become just noise.

As I live in an apartment,so I choose a small sounds type to hung outside,and hung big sounds one only at daytime.

I feel little sad,but it can’t be helped.


This photo is HIKAWA-Jinjya in KAWAGOE,very famous shrine with Furin decoration.

very beautiful day and night…

Many temple or shrine in Japan hung a lot of Furin in summer time.

If you come to Japan in summer,you’d better enjoy Furin.




TUKIMI,the moon viewing

TUKIMI means moon viewing.

It’s Japanese tradition to celebrate moon viewing on September 15th.

The moon which we can see on the 15th is called “chushu-no meigetsu”which means mid-autmn beautiful moon.


We prepare Dango(rice dumplings)  and Susuki(pampas grass),and see moon.

Dango is used as a symbol of the moon’s round shape.


Pampas grass is offered as a way of inviting gods into the tradition,and it’s believed to have the power to ward off demons.


after Tukimi,we eat Dango.

Tsukimi-Dango is typically placed in pyramid shapes.

It looks nice but taste not so good…….(´Д` )

not sweet enough ,any taste can feel.. ..I don’t like it.

Just viewing with moon is the best.





Sanma festival

Do you know Sanma fish?

It’s a Pacific saury,we call it Sanma in Japan.

And it’s so popular autumn dish in Japan.

Today the 40th Meguro Sanma Festival is held in MEGURO town,TOKYO.

I have once visited there,ate Sanma free.It was so delicious but too much crowded!!


I have to wait so long to eat one fish…

Everywhere in MEGURO was so crowded all day.

Festival mood is good and have a lot of fun but I don’t want go there



Anyway we Japanese loves autumn Sanma very much.

half passed September,price will down.

I can buy a Sanma   almost 100yen under every year.

I’m wating them become cheaper…It’s too expensive now.


We usually eat a broiled Sanma fish that has been sprinkled with salt,and eat DAIKON-OROSHI together.If you have SUDACHI,squeezed like LEMON,it’s perfect !!

It’s so good!!

we eat raw Sanma also.


SASHIMI style or SUSHI style.fatty sashimi melt on my tongue…

yummy———–!!! OH,  I want to eat right now!


I think little roasted style is the best.

I can feel autumn season has come with Sanma.

Meet KUKAI at KOUYA-SAN,the most sacred place in Japan

In this summer,I went to KOUYA-SAN to meet KUKAI.

I don’t know much about KUKAI but  by a curious turn of fate ,I was guided there.


Every thing is perfect at there.




KOUYA-SAN welcomes me .I really feel so.

The most sacred place is  OKUNOIN, the place that KUKAI lives.


OKUNOIN started with ICHINOHASHI-bridge.There were a lot of historical graves there.


But I have no care about that.All I want to do is to meet KUKAI.

↓↓crossing last gate, GOBYOU-BASHI bridge


When TOUROU-DOU appears,

My heart beated like a drum…….

I walked or stepped into there.

as I walked around the left behind TOUROU-DO,there was the GOBYOU of KUKAI,KOUBOUDAISHI.


↑↑THE GO-BYOU(this photo is from public pamphlet.you can’t take any pictures  here)

Finally I reach him!!

Now KUKAI is in front of me…….

there were little place to dedicate flowers or food or Senkou.

I prayed for long time at there,talking to KUKAI with full of love.

there was a post only for KUKAI.I was really surprised and turn back to the TOUROU-DO to get paper and wrote a letter to KUKAI.I posted that GOBYO’s post.

On the way back,I took off my shoes and walked barefoot on a stone paved road around OKUNOIN.

It was so comfortable with cool feeling of stones and feel earth power directly.fd1bed5fbfd8851aca44754f8576a519_s

I stayed at FUKUCHIIN-SHUKUBOU that night,feeling KUKAI stay with me.


↑beautiful shukubo-FUKUCHIIN ↑

(most of all guest was french!!they were quiet and polite)

tasty shojin-ryori↓




↑see outside yard from inside of KONGOUBUJI-temple.

↓DANJYO-GARAN,soooo beautiful many temples


All of them were so wonderful.

But my  best experience is at OKUNOIN,GOBYOU.


It’s so special experience for me of KUKAI .

F106082B038377B038377T065130T02L099V041 V010PV-Y0182V042T00300G0678F267 CAP-Y0180V042T00300G0476F267L00262 Y0216 TY0180 AF-Y0180V042T00300G00476F267 MN0180P0000 N0037M0197R076B118P2W4S9E3F0 G00M00SR0P250M0228N696A03161T0572L010o0050w0298D64R010S0I200E1U1 Œ

He has a huge capacity for accepting other people.full of kindness and love.

I don’t know much about his great distinguished service ,but people who visit there understand his super humanity easly.

OKUNOIN is special sacred space where everyone can feel another world exists.

Art Aquarium in TOKYO,Amazing Thousands of Goldfishes!!

I  went to ART AQUARIUM 2016 in NIHONBASHI,TOKYO yesterday.This is the popular summer event held for ten years.

I’d wanted to go there for a long time. I love KINGYO(goldfish) very much.




 It was really amazing one!!!

I’m still exiting now! It’s sooooo wonderful,cool,fantastic!!

That is beyond my imagination.

Seeing is believing,let me show my pictures!!!


Inside the aquarium ,beautiful light anywhere.

Around the entrance,there are many small bowls are showing.


Each of them has different Kingyo,Fantail,Telescope,Black moor,Red Oranda…and so on!

hira2   hira5

In the middle area,there are big Kingyo-Towers !!

It changes righting blue,green,red….so beautiful…


NIMO and DORY also swimming.It’s so cute but little sorry for them,after see the movie(^^;;

Foot light decorated with Kingyo.YUKATA-GIRLs are also good.


English boards are there.But I saw no foreigners there…WHY!?MOTTAIーNAI!!


It’s so crowded with young and elder .Japanese love Kingyo so much! From long time ago.


So many Kingyoes displayed on the wall with round case…like in cosmic space.So beautiful…


Under the big chandelier,big Kingyo-bowls are there.


End of the aquarium,you can see the BYO-BU art of Kingyo.


It changes their color and sound,with real Kingyo swimming up and down.


I really enjoyed and want to go there thousand times!!!!!

Night time has more special shows,I heard.Drink and see Kingyo and so on….woops!!


I love this event of summer so much,but I wonder a little about KINKGYO…

I saw some tired KINGYOs there…I hope them rest enough.(´Д` ).eat well,sleep well…

LOVE YOU, KINGYOooooo!!!!!


Best portable charger to play Pokemon Go all day long

Have  you played  Pokemon Go yet?

Does your cell phone battery remain enough ?

Isn’t your mobile device out of juice?

If you play it without portable charger,your iPhone or Android devices will going to die so soon perhaps!

So you’d better get high-capacity portable charger right now!


With powerful portable charger ,you will keep your smartphone  going all day, all night and beyond.

In Japan,it’s very popular  to have power bank.

Each of  my son has each one and it’s very good performance for going all day.

So let me introduce my recommend.

 1) EC Technology 22400mAh 

This one is the highest-capacity power type that charge your smart-phone fast. Not so expensive. So this is one of the best-selling one on the market.

How to charge is easy ;

Plug the micro USB into the input port of the power bank, connect the
other end of the cable (USB) with A/C adapter or put into the USB port
of your computer. The indicator on power bank will be flashed to show it is charging.

2)Poweradd Pilot X7 20000mAh 

This  is the best recommend one.I bought it so many times(^^;;,

for my two sons,and their friends want it as they look my son using that so usefully.

20000mAh is large enough capacity to use whole day playing game outside.Never concern about battery.It can charge very quickly ,also.

And it’s the cheapest with that capacity!!Please compare to other.

As I looking my family using this,there is no trouble at all.

I think it’s the best for playing game long time.

3)Poweradd Slim2 5000mAh


This one is so small ,and cheaper than previous one.5000mAh is not so big capacity but just good for daily use.It’s so easy to put in your small pocket any time. Pretty handy one.


Anyway here in Japan,We can’t play Pokemon Go by now…

I’ve been waiting so long…please hurry up,NINTENDO〜!!

On election day

In Japan,voting age for national election is lowered to 18 from the current 20.

Last Sunday was the first time to do that .

My son has just become 18 last month,so he got voting lights.

I said to him that this election will  be the memorial one for the first time to 18 vote,so TV interview or something special might waiting for young 18’s voting.You’d better prepair !



On 10th July.

The election day has come.

So my son set his hair good ,and learn detail information about candidates to answer interview.


I went to the polls with him little nervously.Maybe I have to answer the interview,too.

But there was no interviewers,neither no cameras,no TV-crews・・・・


Our election area is not so big in Tokyo.



My son was disappointed a little….me,too.Anyway we voted.

On next day ,I saw TV-news about election on 18’s at polling station near his school.

His classmate answered the interview,talking about how was the first election.

Hahaha….. really frustrating〜(^^;;






How happy I am!

Let me introduce the best and the strongest affirmation words.

33f8c93aba57ec4523aa9f81bc40f839_sIt’s “How happy I am!”

This sentence including all the important words for affirmation.

With using word”I am” , you can say it into yourself deeply.

Using a word “happy” including many happy things about relationship,health,money…

And this is also effective for other.Your friend,lover,son,daughter,mom,dad…..and so on.

Say”How happy my son is!”,”How happy Steve is!”

Maybe you can make other happy  using powerful affirmation.

You can do magic!


You will be happy too, when you see someone  you pray happiness before  become happy.


Words have strong power.

Fake it until you make it!

You can get wonderful results.

How happy you are!!


Japanese don’t say ‘SAYONARA’ as usual

We Japanese don’t say “SAYONARA” as usual.

Because it sounds so sad.

When we part from each other,ending the class or after spend the time together,we used to say”Jya” ,”N-jya”,”Jya-ne”,”Bye-bye”, “Mata-ne”,without distinction of age or sex.



That words all mean “see you again”.

But  “SAYONARA” has not that meaning.We feel never meet them again.

So,on what occasion do Japanese use “SAYONARA”?

We use the word for very serious occasion.

For example,  on someone’s funeral or friends who moves far away and hard to meet them again.And when lovers break up.


In other case is school rules.Girl’s school which has rigorous discipline force student to use ”SAYONARA” when they finish their class,or  leave school for home.

They use “GOKIGENYOU” ,too.It means same as  “good-by”, but its more  formal.


Almost all the tourist from abroad in Japan say “SAYONARA”to us when we apart.So we  answer saying “SAYONARA”for the first time in a while.(^^;;






Walk Under the Cherry Moon


In the end of MARCH or April,you can see the cherry blossoms and beautiful moon light in Tokyo.

It was so wonderful OHANAMI night in April,2015.

2015 003

This is NIHONBASHI area.Very near from Tokyo-station.You can walk to there in a few minutes.

2015 002

So many tall buildings are there,and small streets are covered with cherry trees.

2015 001

Night times are so much beautiful with light.

I feel like dreaming…..

Deep blue sky , bright moon and shiney stars …

I walked there so finely listening music on iPod.


It was so nice with this scene.

WOW 〜Tokyo moonlight station♪♪Hosizora ni ressha ga yattekuru ♪

(it means the train comes to the starry sky)

When you came  to Japan,I hope you hear this music and enjoy walking under the cherry moon.